iPhone 7 will have DSLR like Features

Last week the Apple Inc. took over LinX (Israeli Camera tech Company) for $20 millions according to Wall Street Journal .LinX manufactures the advanced sensors for the cameras. The whole world gets an idea of what Apple is planning to change in its next iPhone.

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Technology then and now, from Windows 3.x to…

I remember when I started to get acquainted with all the internet things – you know, internet itself, Windows 3.x, Netscape, Lynx, Pine…all those things that, besides the internet itself, have pretty much died out – I could never have guessed where we would be today with all the advancements. I’m not saying that I [...]

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Top 5 Most Wanted features in next iPhone

  iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been a huge success for the Apple Inc. The combined sales of these two models has broken all the previous records and also help Apple Inc to retain its supremacy in the Smartphone Market. But now the big question is

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iPhone 6s: What the World should expect

iPhone 6s is coming this year and tech world already started talking about what new specs new iPhone will comeup with. Many rumours started hitting the Internet everyday regarding Apple’s upcoming smartphone.

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iPhone 6s rumours, release date and concepts

iPhone 6 has been a big hit even with the bendgate controversy the Apple Inc record the record profits in the last quarter. With the Galaxy S6 release grows nearer we look at the possible features that the Apple will be coming with to compete with the Samsung’s Galaxy S6.   So far iPhone has [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release date confirmed

Finally the Official release date of Samsung Galaxy S6 has been confirmed. News emerged when Samsung sent the press invitations for the Unpacked events which historically company used when they are planning to announce products like Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

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