How to fix Windows 8 Phones reboot problem


Users of the new Nokia Lumia with the windows 8 operating system are having the major problem of it’s reboots at random. Many are complaining that they are facing this problem several times a day. And the worrying thing is this that there is no quick fix of this major problem.

Users of HTC 8X are also facing the same problems and the forum users on are giving some solutions of this problem but there is not much success in it.

How to fix this problem.

Remove the beta version of Skype in your windows 8 phone and then reboot it. It is the most successful solution so far of this rebooting issue that the users are facing.

If the first procedure fails then apply this one. Now you had to pull the Sim card out of your phone. Then boot your phone for 10 to 15 minutes without the Sim card. After that boot your phone again with the Sim Card. This solution is the latest one for this problem.

There are several users who had fixed this problem through these solutions that we provided you. We will keep updating you about the more solutions of this major problem that Windows 8 phone users are facing.