Substantiate Your Experience with a CompTIA Certification

Professionals that have accrued experience in the IT career field should consider obtaining a CompTIA technical certification. Professional and specialty certifications are available in a wide variety of programs and pathways, allowing individuals of all IT backgrounds to certify the skills they have worked hard to gain. Through technical examinations, participants will be tested on the standards in each field, as well as practical, job-based scenarios that are frequent in the associated job roles. Passing a CompTIA exam is a prevailing way to prove your competency to employers who are looking for candidates with the highest level of skill aptitude.

 CompTIA technical certification

Each certification beyond the basic series recommends some amount of job experience working with the associated programs and technologies. This is mainly to ensure that your skills extend past the classroom and books and into the job role, where knowledge must be applied in specific situations. It is these situations and scenarios that will make up the bulk of the exams, and therefore earn you certification. Although it is important to know all basic terms, concepts, components, etc., it is even more important to know how those things are applied in a real-life environment.

Additionally, most certifications will require candidates to prove their ability to implement, administer, and maintain certain software and technology. The steps and processes related to these concepts are easy to learn on paper, but the experience may be entirely different on the job. CompTIA wants to ensure that candidates have encountered the practical aspect of these skills. Overall, earning a certification is a fantastic way to substantiate the experience you have already acquired and build a solid skillset to enhance your experience and travel new avenues in an IT workplace.