Valentines Day Wallpaper

Every celebration is representative of a past event  which may have happened on the ‘date’ some years, months or days back. The occasion of Valentines Day on February 14 is said to have originated as a Christian religious festival honoring a Saint. This is another reason for it being referred to by the name of Saint Valentine’s Day or St. Valentines Day. Its origins date back to ancient Rome of 270 AD. It was due to the rebellion and sacrifice of a catholic priest with the same name that this day came to be celebrated. Saint Valentine supported lovers or couples in love by getting them married against the wishes of the then Emperor Claudius.

Here is  some lovely valentine’s day 3d Wallpaper collection to spice up their desktop with love.

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Happy Valentines Day Wallpapers (12)

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Happy Valentines Day Wallpapers (41)




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valentine's day


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