New Mercedes-Benz SCL 600 Changed the face of Car Technology

Now a small kid can drive the car better than you. Shocked? You must be because the New Mercedes-Benz SCL 600 has changed the face of the Car technology. They came up with the most different idea of innovation of this Century so far.

In this New Mercedes-Benz 600, there are no steering wheels and pedals, Amazing isn’t it. Joystick is used to drive this car. Maybe we cannot drive a car with joystick but our kids and grandkids can.

This is the influence of the Video games on play station that has encouraged the Mercedes Company to launch a car with these sort of features.

The scary thought is that now a 3-year-old kid can drive a car better than you. To see the amazing pictures of this Mercedes-Benz SCL 600 scroll down:









Mercedes-Benz-600-SCL-Tyres and back