iPad 5 Case leaked indicates at lighter and thinner structure

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Another iPad 5 case has been leaked today which clearly indicates that the new iPad 5 will be redesigned in the shape of iPad Mini. It also give strong indications towards the June 18 release that is previously not finaled. But today’s leaked info has fuelled these rumors.

According to the allegedly leaked pictures acquaint by Tactus, the architecture and array of the iPad 5 will be added aggressive by the iPad mini and it will be as attenuate as the iPad mini. The affectation admeasurement of the iPad 5 is traveling to be the same, at 9.7-inches, but the amplitude of the book will absolutely be decreased, as it is traveling to appear with actual attenuate bezels.

The book is aswell said to be a lot lighter and the pictures appearance that the speakers of the book will be placed at the bottom, crabbed the Lightning connector. Ipad 5 will be available in Apple stores just after a week of it’s release.

Reports aswell advance that the iPad 5 will be launched active iOS 6 and not iOS 7, as iOS 7 is already abaft its schedule, and Apple is planning to barrage the new iOS with the next iPhone