Apple releases new 16GB iPod Touch


Apple decidedly has appear a new iPod Touch model. This is not advised to absolution the absolute 32GB and 64GB iPod Touch models, but instead to action a new slimmer, 16GB bargain iPod Touch option.

The new 16GB iPod Touch checks in at alone $229, but it is a little bare down. Apple has ditched all the colors, the wrist strap, and conceivably better of all, the iSight camera, to accomplish this new amount point. It does absorb the Retina display, dual-core A5 processor dent and (of course) the ear buds.


Available in a atramentous and argent version, it charcoal to be apparent how accepted the 16GB archetypal with the $229 amount tag will be. When Apple appear the fifth bearing of the iPod Touch, it did so after absolution an 8GB or 16GB iPod Touch offering. At the time, it was anticipation that Apple was acutely abrogation the 8GB and 16GB offerings to the new Nano; but the new 16GB iPod Touch alms seems to announce that Apple thinks it can advertise abundant of them to accomplish it worthwhile.


The iPod itself has appear beneath accretion fire, with abounding apprehensive how abundant best Apple will accept to abide to clarify and amend the iPod because so abounding users accept confused to application Acute Phones to play their MP3 files. Still, abounding music admirers adopt the beyond accommodation and committed iPod over demography up the accumulator on their acute phones.