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Using technology to promote food safety in your restaurant

  Technology Promotes Food Safety In Restaurant Business The way restaurants benefit from the implementation of technology has developed right along tech itself. CCTV cameras, automated doors, even switching to a touch screen pos system for managing the bill. It has all been done in the name of efficiency, ease of use, and to make training faster
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Google working on next level "Hat-Camera" technology

Google has recently filed a patent for a Hat-Camera technology, which can enables the camera mounted on brim to take still pictures and capture videos. Technology researchers says that, this could the answer of Google’s failed “camera glassless” technology. Google is trying to compete in the market of IOT and wearable devices.

AdGuard for Mac Review: A Standalone App That Blocks All Ads on Macs

Are you tired of browsing through websites that seem to have more ads than actual content? Are the pop-ups and pop-unders that suddenly appear starting to get on your nerves? Well, Daisy Slots is the right place for you to play online slots without having interrupted by unwanted pop-ups. If you’d like to never have to
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Customized Software key for any successful Business.

Regardless of nature or industry of business a customized software that addresses your organization need always play a pivotal role in journey towards success. According to Tetrabyte, a customized software, which is designed according to the needs of your business can effectively manage organizational operations like Eatel – landline phone service, Accounting and inventory Management any
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Programming Trends in 2018 - do you need to learn React?

JavaScript has held top position in the world’s most popular development technologies for several years now. It’s proven robust, reliable, and with the wealth of tools available for programming with it, one of the most flexible technologies on the market. The advances in JavaScript haven’t just brought new functionality and power to programming though; many
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