An alternate for iPhone 4s Siri for Android users

Not much time ago, Apple launched its most discussed and long awaited iPhone 4s (dubbed earlier as iPhone 5). One of the most exciting and unique features of that phone was Siri which left Android users somewhere behind. But wait, Android developers seems very fast in realizing and releasing a similar app.

Lets have a look.

“Speaktoit Assistant” which has the similar functionality of Siri on iPhone 4S. This virtual assistant app for Android smartphone answers all your questions that too without the need of any special or predefined commands.

Speaktoit Assistant
Speaktoit Assistant

You can simply use your natural language and it gives answers to your questions, find information on the web, launch Android apps and even connect you to your favorite social networking profiles like Google+, Facebook and Twitter etc…

A video tutorial of the application Speaktoit Assistant.

You can also change the avatar of the assistant to your taste. For more information, here is the Application Link.

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