Android or iOS: Which OS is more secure?


Year 2015 has seen both smartphone OS giants bring new and improved versions to their users. The key focus of both iOS and Android developers is towards the security – because now hackers are targeting more and more smartphone users to steal their sensitive data like names, banking codes, D.O.B, account numbers etc. This data afterwords can be used fraudulent or phishing activities.


Here we analyze that which one of these two are more reliable, when it comes to the users security. A latest research by a security firm named ‘SkyCure’ has showed us that around 53% of smartphones around the world do not have any passcode enable (alphanumeric, biometric, and swipe codes).

The research also showed that around 31% devices around the world are running out dated OS. which makes them extremely vulnerable to any sort of malware attack. Most of these out dated devices are used in the third world countries in Asia or Africa.

But iOS users are much more secure when you compare them with ANDROID users. The research showed some very alarming results that every 1 in 3 Android device is vulnerable to to one of the recent high-profile Android attacks because of the OS issues.

The Skycure report also indicated that 3% of Android OS devices are infected with malicious apps. When you compare it with iOS devices the number is less than 1%.

The research also showed that only 26% of iOS OS devices are running outdated OS. Remember latest iOS can be updated on iPhone 5 and upper versions. The number is almost the half of what we have seen in Android.


Even with outdated OS, iOS users are not vulnerable to malicious apps if they avoid rooting or jail breaking their devices. We have also studied in research that, more than 15% of the Android devices have USB debugging enable.  Which is the most common and easy way for any malware to move into your smartphone.


Its easy to judge in the light of these researchers that Android users are more vulnerable to hackers or malware apps. If a user avoid installing apps from any third party, then the chances of accidentally installing malware app is very low. On the other hand iOS doesn’t allow their users to install apps from other sources unless the device is not jailbroken.

This is the main reason behind the company’s successful security feature. Only malware ever to bypass the coding of Apple app store is ‘YiSpectre’. A problem which the developers fixed in the latest iOS update.

Now the Online pay system of these apps also raised users concerns over their security. Apple pay is far more reliable when you compare it with the Android pay system. Bottomline If you are looking for a secure OS; you can’t find a better one then iOS.