Apple iCloud and its mystery

Apple has created a cloud which can store your music, photos, applications, calendars, documents, and contents of your device. Like all products of Apple this cloud is iCloud. You can read this Microsoft article, About the cloud uses.

According to Apple this is easiest way to manage your contents as it is automatic, but if you want some place secure for your data then you should consider getting this Couchbase database.

Apple have defined iCloud as ‘much more than a hard disk in the sky’ which help you in accessing all the devices and their contents. So iCloud stores all the contents of your devices so it can accessible. You even can access this store contents from your iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac pc. Similarly iCloud will manage your all contents from music, apps, and photos to email, calendars, and contents in your devices this is some of the cloud computing benefits. It will store all above things from all your devices and no management is required as it will do for you.

Apple doesn’t provide everything you need right in the box with the Apple TV, and a perfect set-up can be a little fiddly. Then when you’re hooked on how well it works, Apple TV has some nice extra touches that make viewing even better.

Whatever way you set up whichever version of Apple TV you have, the end result is going to be the same, first contact your Cable TV Supplier and then keep on with this steps to get it done. You’re going to have a very iOS-like display of apps on your television set and they will include every possible type of video streaming you can have. That’s where it starts to get a little tricky, though, as what you can have depends on whether you have a cable subscription or whether you now choose to buy individual apps such as Netflix.

That’s even before Apple launches its Apple TV+ and Apple TV Channels service, which will change what’s available — and what it costs.

By sign up for iCloud you will get 5GB storage space free. I think that is a good amount of storage which iCloud is offering as your mail, documents, account information, settings, and other application data don’t require too much storage space. Another thing iCloud store and manage your data so that’s plenty of room. You can even save camera roll and other stuff like books, TV shows, photo stream and it will not require bigger storage either. In case you need more storage then you can easily purchase or upgrade.

Now come to issue how to get iCloud, it is very easy as you update your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to iOS 5, your device will become integrated with iCloud. As you get in to the iCloud, all your contents and information is available and up to date, whatever device you are using…

And its free with iOS5

icloud – Welcome tutorial (Video)