Apple to Introduce Reversible USB in iPhone 6


As the date of iPhone 6 is edging closer more rumours started to came-up about the possible features of iPhone 6. In the early hours of 18th August another big news strikes the internet that Apple will introduce Reversible USB  cable that will give the Apple advantage over its competitors.

The leaked images which are not verified by the Apple show off a Lightning link which has a USB connector that might be connected to any path, with no prerequisites that one end or an alternate be confronting up.

Needing to fiddle around to module a USB link is one of those basic issues we all face, and if company turns into one of the first organizations to bring them into the standard it would provide for them a slight preference over the Samsung and other competitors. we don’t know that the pictures are genuine or not, and it could well be that these links don’t wind up delivery with the iPhone 6s later in the not so distant future.