Apple iPhone 6 New Concepts

A new report is that the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S could come with different screens and come in a range of colours. The prediction comes courtesy of analyst Brian White at Topeka Capital who believes Apple is now in the perfect position to take on Android.

Rumour mill is already looking ahead at the next iPhone from Apple whether it’s a refresh in the form of the iPhone 5S or the even bigger update in the form of the iPhone 6.

Apple will reportedly also be launching a budget iPhone which will revert back to the plastic chassis found on the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. The rumour also suggests that the parts will be US made instead of being produced in China.

DigiTimes reports that sources within the upstream supply chain have confirmed that Apple is in the process of sourcing the plastic parts needed for a budget iPhone including a frame.


 Apple iPhone 6 screen

It is suggested that the Apple may shift to a larger iPhone screen for the 6 . Apple will finally try and compete with the screen of smartphones like the upcoming HTC J Butterfly.

Reports are in the air around that Apple could be looking to implement a 4.8-inch Retina+ IGZO screen made by Sharp which will make the iPhone display thinner, brighter and much clearer boasting better than HD resolutions.

According to those inside the manufacturing industry Sharp is working on making its super HD display iPhone-ready however because the technology is so advanced it’s unlikely to appear on the iPhone 5S.


 Apple iPhone 6 features

A new report has suggested that the next iPhone could come in a range of colours and in a range of screen sizes in an effort to compete more effectively with the large range of screen sizes that Android can offer.

Analyst Brian White believes that Apple will add a third screen size to the current line-up found on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 offering a screen size that would compete the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone.

 iPhone 6 is rumoured to come with the new A7 chip which would be limited to the next-generation iPad and the 6. A new feature that could well appear on the 6th generation iPhone is the use of sonar as a replacement to the current infared sensors which use sound as a proximity sensor letting the phone detect where it is, either as a way of alerting the user about an incoming object, or as a way of detecting whether the phone is being held to the users ear.


 Apple iPhone 6 release date

The Apple iPhone 6 release date could well be one key reason why there may not be an iPhone 5S at all. Tech website Technorati believes that Apple will be looking to regain the wow factor and to do that it needs to restrict its launches to game changing products.

While they could well launch the iPhone 5S as the ‘budget iPhone’ the iPhone 6 will be the next major version of Apple’s smartphone and the website believes that Apple could be looking to release it late 2013 possibly even 2014 in order to compete directly with what would surely be the Samsung Galaxy S5.