Apple lost apeal against Samsung again

Apple loses its appeal against Samsung in UK court over tablet design. UK court gave the decision in Samsung’s favor that tablet doesn’t infringe its registered design for the iPad. This decision will be valid in whole Europe.

Apple recently lost the Appeal against Samsung in US District court, in which Apple is claiming that Samsung Tablet has copied the design of their iPad.

This will be the end of the road for Apple Co. if they didn’t appeal against the decision in supreme court. Apple also lost their cases against Samsung inĀ  US and Japan.

Although Apple won the case against Samsung Galaxy SIII in a U.S. District court, in which Judge says that Samsung has copied Apple’s iPhone designs. Since then the Galaxy SIII is banned in U.S.

Judge also said that now Apple had to advertise in British newspapers that Samsung has not copied their iPad design. Apple also had to display the same message on their British website.