Apple planning to reveal Siri speakers this June at WWDC

Reports are surrounding the Internet that Apple Inc. will be unveiling its Siri speakers this June at WWDC. Which will be the direct competitor of Amazon Echo.

There are strong rumors all over the Internet on Monday that, Apple Inc is planning to launch its first ever AI speakers for home users. It seems like we now have a new player in AI speakers market alongside Amazon Echo and Google Home. If you want to improve your sound quality, then consider getting a pair of headphones. For those who love listening to music, consider checking out these best albums 2020

The news was brought to light by a highly dependable source and Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI securities. Kuo’s previous record of predicting Apple’s products and their timings are exceptional  – Which makes us believe that this isn’t just a rumor.

KGI said that; Apple will be launching its first ever AI digital speakers for home users at WWDC ( Worldwide Developer Conference) this June. These Siri speakers will support airplay and it’ll have one woofer and seven tweeters.

KGI also predicted that the price of Siri speakers will be much higher than Amazon Echo speakers ($179) – Which seems legitimate considering the quality of the product. He described the sound of KGI speakers as excellent” ; Kuo compared the Siri speakers sound quality with iPhone 6 models.

According to MacRumors Kuo said;We believe there is an over 50% chance that Apple will announce its first home AI product at WWDC in June “

WWDC is a platform for the biggest tech corporations to unveil their new and innovative gadgets. It is a platform where new IoT’s are launched every year. WWDC is one event of the year; where world’s top giants face off and show technology revolutions to the entire world.

The Siri speakers will be available in U.S Apple stores in second quarter of 2017. The AI market is growing very rapidly and it’s very profitable considering the future growth. The Siri speakers will be one of the many steps Apple Inc. is planning towards IoT’s. Apple Siri speaker will be a direct competitor of Amazon Echo and Google Home because users can speak to them directly by just calling their names. Amazon has recently also launched the first ever AI Camera and connected it with its digital assistant alongside Echo.   


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