Apple pushing LG to enter smartphone OLED Market

Samsung has a complete monopoly; when it comes to the plastic OLED market and even its biggest rival Apple is dependent on their OLED (organic light emitting diodes) technology. Apple’s upcoming iPhone will have the OLED display manufactured by the Korean giant. Apple is eager to end the monopoly of Samsung in OLED market for quite sometime. There are strong indications that Apple Inc. wants LG to enter the OLED manufacturing and bid for its 2018 iPhone models.

A senior official of LG said; “We received a request to take part in a bid for receiving an order for small and medium-sized OLEDs from Apple”. He further added that; “At the end of June, we will make a decision based on OLED production technology, capacity and the accompanying investment volume in an extraordinary board meeting.”

Apple’s current contract for OLED supply with Samsung is ending this year. We believe that; OLED in Apple’s iPhone 8 will be supplied by Samsung. Apple doesn’t want to end its partnership with Samsung but just to limit its reliance by sundry OLED market.

LG is planning to start the production of Gumi E5 (6th generation OLED technology) this year. The production capacity is believed to be around 15,000/month, which can fulfill the Apple demand single handedly. But, there are some concerns surrounding the investments in this “Plastic OLED” technology. It’s believe that it’ll cost LG much 3 times more when we compare it with ordinary OLEDs. Which’s the OLEDs of LG smartphones models like G6 & V20.

If the LG started production of the latest Gumi E5 OLED technology timely – which is expected in second of 2017. The display market analyst believe that company may not only cover the demand of Apple Inc. but it can also supply to many Chinese smartphone manufacturers. It’s estimated that LG production capacity of plastic OLED’s will be around 5.5 million units even though it’s behind Samsung’s production estimation.

Apple and LG has been working closely since both companies has agreed to the deal that LG will be supplying the panels for it’s Mac Pro monitors. The strategic alliance of Apple Inc. and LG has now limited the days of Samsung’s plastic OLED market monopoly.

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