Apple’s upcoming iPhone will kill the Home Button

Apple’s  iPhone 7 unveiling is now just few weeks away and rumors about tech giant killing its most important gadget feature are all over the internet.  If these rumors are true than iPhone 7 entire front will become Home screen something, which is pretty common in Samsung and Nexus devices. Touch ID system will work though a built-in integrated finger-print censors which enables it to work smoothly.

The home button extinction rumors are first fueled by the DigiTimes . The leading Taiwan’s IT news provider claimed that; “Apple is internally developing touch and display driver integration (TDDI) single-chip solutions for its iPhones, according to sources in Taiwan’s IC design industry”.

There are many other sources in Tech industries who were previously correct; when bringing in light Apple’s upcoming product information also stated that company is planning to ditch the home button in the future. In mid July some leaked images of Apple’s iPhone 7 has further boosted the extinction of Home button rumors.

Source: MobiPicker

As you can see in the leaked iPhone 7 image didn’t give us a clear idea weather this is a button or just a figure print censor; but still the changes in Home button can be seen clearly if compared with iPhone 6s.



How iPhone 7 will be reshaped by dismissal of Home Button

This is a great news for those iPhone users; who are exasperated by the fact that company is keeping Home button in its every model. There are various reason why every Apple user should be excited with dismissal of Home Button in iPhone 7. Here’re some possible changes mentioned below:

  • The removal of Home button will result in increased size of screen, while the size of iPhone 7 will remain unchanged.
  • The removal of Home Button will allow the manufacture to slim down the size of iPhone 7 even more. Something that is not possible with a movable home button.

Historically Apple never let its core features like Home Button go away, but the rapid changing trends in gadget industry may force the company think tank to change their policies. Apple iPhone 7 will come with Bigger battery and better camera features, but Home Button removal will be the most impacting feature in September launch.


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