iPhone 6 is the centre of roumors all over the web from last few weeks. We roundup all those rumours and take a look at which of them can be true.

The iPhone 6 is the accountable of a lot of absorption appropriate now and we have already discussed some possibilities of what it ability offer.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 / IV is near its launch, this seems most certain now after these following leaks. A tweet from’s editor-in-chief Eldar Murtazin yesterday told us to watch for a “big announcement” on March 14, it seems we may now have a date as well. Save the date for a big announcement
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Taking pictures with hand grip digital camera is very easy and specially for non professional camera peoples. This is the main reason why digital cameras with hand grip are very popular. But unfortunately smartphones shape doesn’t allow this kind of liberty. To make your smartphone as good as digital camera with hand grip, a London
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An American research firm has stated that the smart phone market has reached the milestone of 1 billion users.