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The future of IoT - 2020 predictions

IoT (Internet of Things) is the world’s fastest growing industry with billions of dollars are invested in this sector every year. According to Garter; the estimated services spending on IoT’s in 2016 is estimated to be around $235 billion. which is much higher (22%) when compared to 2015 IoT services spendings.

Top 5 best secure messaging apps

  Secure communication is one of the biggest concern for all whistleblowers, journalists or any person – who like to ensure the privacy of his communication. It’s a pity how our own security agencies breaking all ethical and privacy rule in the book just on the name of national security. In past years various leaked documents
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Capturing Desktop Screencasts with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

If you want to record a screencast of your desktop, all that you really need is a screen recorder. The screen recorder will let you record video footage from your screen, as well as any audio from your system too. By capturing recordings of this kind, you can create your own tutorials, document bugs for
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Web Hosting - Improving Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is difficult to establish in today’s world, but once it is established, a solid customer base can be built. For this reason, business owners would be wise to employ various methods to keep their customers happy, as happy customers are more likely to be loyal customers. This is especially important in a highly
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Last year Apple, inc. employee lost an iphone 4 prototype in some bar which created all the buzz in world of blogging and tech news, well guess what, looks like it all happened again. CNET reports that yet another Apple employee lost a prototype of iPhone 5 in California’s “Cava22” bar. Apple has declined to
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