China blocks another Social Media giant – Pinterest

Pinterest is the world’s best social media website, when it comes to finding new fashion styles, wardrobes and latest ideas. It has now joined the long list of websites, which are blocked in China. Previously China has blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter and many more western websites – Pinterest is the latest one to join this long list. Pinterest isn’t available to Chinese population for past 7 days.

The estimated number of Internet users in China are around 721 million. China’s internet censorship system “The Great Firewall” keeps blocking websites on temporary basis but, the fact that Pinterest has been unavailable in the country for almost a week now indicates that the Social Media website has now joined the long list of Silicon Valley tech giants.

Just in 2016, the Pinterest president Tim Kendall said in an statement that why the website should remain unblocked in China. “Pinterest isn’t a social network –  we are really this catalogue of ideas” Kendall said. “Users are not there to share things with their friends and family, they are not there to find out what their friends and family are doing. So, it’s not this community planning tool.”

Pinterest hasn’t commented or released any statement about this possible block in China. But, it seems the journey of this social media website has ended in the world’s biggest population country.


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