FREE data backup and Disk cloning solution for Windows 10

Today’s digital world has increased the need of managed data backup for whole world. Now a days data backup just like a Insurance policy, which you buy because it ensures your security in case of any unpredictable incident. DriveSavers  or data backup isn’t very different from life Insurance policy, check this New Review:  What is the best Windows 10 Kelogger? click here. It guarantees your data safety in case of any unfortunate incidents like; disk crashing, theft or hacking incident.

EASEUS a global leader in data backup solution provider has helped million of people around the world by providing a secure and FREE  data windows 10 backup solution. Another highly effective data solution; which can help you in cloning windows 10 to ssd.

EASEUS cloning solution from a HDD to SDD will mirror you data and ensures it security. It’s a simple process; which only takes few minutes and 4 simple steps:

1- Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Clone to start migrating Windows 10 to SSD.

2- Select source disk(where Windows 10 is) you want to clone: HDD and click Next.

3- Select the destination disk: new SSD(which is used to store Windows 10 and data).
Sector by sector clone option enables you to clone all sectors from source disk to (SSD)destination disk.

4- Preview the disk layout after migrating Windows 10 to SSD by cloning. Click Proceed to execute cloning and finish Windows 10 migration task.

Once you are done with these simple steps; all you need to do is turn off your machine and remove HDD.

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