How to setup iOS10 Multilingual feature

Apple’s latest iOS version is out with many improved features; which will help iPhone users to effortlessly operate their devices. The hottest feature which will definitely become an instant hit among the iPhone user is new and improved QuickTime Keyboard of iOS 10.

                                                     source: APPLE

This feature will enable Apple users to use different languages at the same time. This keyboard supports almost all the world’s popular languages and it’s pretty easy to setup.

Here’s 6 simple steps to setup a multilingual feature: 
  1. Firstly go to settings application from your iPhone homepage.
  2. Now select General; then select Dictionary option.
  3. Multiple languages will appear select the one you need and wait for a while. You can download more than one languages also.
  4. Once your selected languages are downloaded. Go back to General and select the keyboard option.
  5. Tap keyboard once more, then select add new keyboard.
  6. Now choose the languages you have downloaded, you can choose all downloaded languages too.

Now the Multilingual feature in your QuickTime keyboard is activated. You can now enjoy multiple language feature on your iPhone. Auto correct and suggestions feature will appear and will work accurately on all your selected languages at same time.

If you have updated your Apple devices to iOS 10 than this multilingual feature is worth the experience.

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