iPad Mini 2 release date,price,specs,rumours and latest updates


While it was an accomplished artefact and the abate admeasurement opened up the iPad to a new accumulation of people, it lacked some of the appearance that the abounding iPad 4 had, including a retina display. So, although the mini alone went on auction in November, the rumour comminute has been admiration a aboriginal iPad Mini 2, with college specifications.

  •  iPad Mini 2 Screen

One of the declared ‘disappointments’ with the iPad Mini was its resolution of 1,024×768. Compared to the Nexus 7, which has a resolution of 1,280×800 the iPad loses out on paper. In practice, a lot of reviews didn’t absolutely say this, as it depends on the task. For example, web browsing in account mode, the iPad Mini 2 fits added on screen, as it doesn’t accept the abiding browser appliance of Android.

Still, added is generally apparent as bigger by people, so we’d be afraid if Apple didn’t up the resolution for the iPad Mini 2. According to BrightWire, AU Optronics is accomplishment a 7.9in awning with a resolution of 2,048×1,536. This would accord the iPad Mini 2 a pixel body of 324ppi, just abaft the iPhone 5’s 326ppi.

This resolution makes a lot of sense, as it’s the aforementioned as on the iPad 4, which agency that all absolute apps will plan with it. However, as Apple has said that retina agency you can’t see alone pixels on a awning and the iPad 4 has a retina display, the aforementioned resolution on a 7.9in awning is added than retina. In added words, in Apple’s definition, it’s pointless. That said, no aggregation is allowed to associate burden and if its antagonism is traveling to advertise articles based on top awning resolutions, Apple may feel that it needs to go the aforementioned way with the iPad 2. In this affectionate of market, banderole abstracts are generally the ones that count, even if the absolute acceptation is a little pointless.

  • iPad Mini 2 Wireless Charging option

A contempo Apple apparent has been for a new Smart Cover, which contains chip for wireless charging, as able-bodied as its own array cells. The abstraction is that you attach the new awning to your book and lay it on a wireless charging station, removing the charge for cables.

The accessible brake at the moment is that the accepted ambit of iOS tablets, don’t accept the all-important chip to abutment the charging facility, which may beggarly we’ll see it for the aboriginal time on the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad 5.

  • iPad Mini 2 Release dates

A absolution date is harder to plan out, with a lot of rumours pointing to the iPad Mini 2 to be appear in October 2013, about year afterwards the iPad Mini was released. This would accomplish faculty to some degree, as this is the accepted absolution agenda for tablets. However, muddying the baptize is the actuality that Apple aswell appear the iPad 4 at the aforementioned time as the iPad mini, just six months afterwards the iPad 3.

What may force Apple’s duke is the absurd appeal for the iPad Mini. According to a analysis commissioned by TechBargains.com, absorption in the accessory has near-doubled in the endure six months, with a third of respondents adage that they advised to buy one.

“Before it was introduced, the iPad Mini accustomed lacklustre absorption in allegory to added Apple products, according to a antecedent TechBargains’ survey”, claimed Yung Trang, admiral and editor-in-chief of the site. “Once consumers got their easily on it and saw the value, our contempo abstracts shows acceptance for the iPad Mini has about doubled.”

So, it would assume as admitting Apple could do able-bodied if it was to acquaint a new higher-spec adaptation of its accepted book if it were to about-face its absolution date assiduously to summer. If we were action people, we’d say that Apple would amalgamate a barrage for all of its iOS products. That could mean, as rumoured, a 29th June barrage date for the iPad Mini 2.

  • iPad Mini 2 Prices updates

hanks to Apple’s abundantly constant pricing, you’d apprehend the iPad Mini 2 to amount absolutely the aforementioned as the iPad Mini. That agency for the Wi-Fi models, ??269 for the 16GB version, ??349 for the 32GB adaptation and ??429 for the 64GB version. We accurately estimated the amount of the 128GB iPad 4, so if the iPad Mini follows the aforementioned appraisement structure, a 128GB adaptation would amount ??509. Apprehend to pay ??100 added for the agnate Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

Given the able antagonism for baby tablets, it could be that Apple decides to abate the amount of its products, with a rumoured starting amount of $299 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. There’s no simple about-face to UK pounds, but that should construe as about ??259 in the UK, which would put the iPad Mini 2 at a agnate amount to the Google Nexus 7.