New iPhone 5 Release Date, News, Specs and Rumors

An analysis on new iPhone 5 Specs, Release Date and Rumors

iPhone 5 was originally expected to come in 2011 but Apple decided to launch ‘S’ version of iPhone 4, which have more and better features than its predecessor. Now it is almost end of 2012 as we enter into the last four months. We all getting different news about iPhone 5 launching date and similarly different other rumors about its features. Here I gathered all the latest rumors about iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Finally, the date is fixed, invitations to journalist have been sent for the launch of new Apple’s iPhone. The invitation has shadow of ‘5’ which most likely means launching of iPhone 5. One more thing the invitation has date of September 12 which is most anticipated rumor about iPhone 5 release date. So we can expect latest handset from Apple on September 12.

iPhone 5 Original Rumors

As Apple is following a pattern of launching new products so it is expected the new iPhone 5 release date would be in 3rd and last quarter of 2012. As we already learn about newly launch iOS6, which as present to world in WWDC 2012 event.

We already know the result of battle between Apple and Samsung. But Samsung already launch Galaxy S3 before court decision. So to get back on Samsung, Apple is planning to launch iPhone 5 quick as possible. So we are surly expecting iPhone 5 in September 2012.

Apple is rumored to be testing two versions of new iPhone the 5,1 and 5,2 which may suggest the six smart phone could be called Number 5.

Surely, you already read our reported story about China’s largest e-commerce platform are already accepting pre-orders for Apple next iPhone 5. Which add more fuel to the story Apple unveiling iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012. These launching date rumors are coming from all over the world like French website App4phone report iPhone 5 Expected to be released in September.

Similarly we also read a rumor Apple’s iPhone 5 launching at August 7: Recent Resources. Which never happened but still this news was coming from reliable industry source.

iPhone 5 Shape

It is thought the next smart phone would be a completely new design from its previous releases. This means an exclusively new casing from what we seen in its predecessors 3G and iPhone 4.

An industry insider, who claims to have seen the large iPhone 5 prototype, spooked that Steve Jobs canned the idea of new size and decided to go with the same previous iPhone 4.

Beatweek claimed in its November 2011 that the idea of 5 inch was scrapped saying “because apple wouldn’t be able to do it properly”. Daily mail then said, Sony have shipped demo screens to apple. In early may a new back plate was leaked which is said to be of iPhone 5. But it turned out to be the blend of many rumors about the design n shape of new phone. This includes bigger speaker grills and 4 inch size and two-tone back of brushed aluminum. eTrade Supply once said the headphone jack has been relocated as well the connector and redesigned speaker grills. Various videos were being uploaded on YouTube and rumored / leaked images as early as June 2012. Some of them showing front panel, confirming width to iPhone 4S but more taller and thinner. Also Including, Smaller sim trays than the previous micro-sim options with new nano-sim style which is backed by the news that mobile operators are stockpiling nano-sim. The thinness is rumored to be at 7.6mm which would make it the slimiest smart phone available in the market. A Chinese website claims to have assembled iPhone 5 chassis which bring all the previous leaks life including a smaller dock. This is to create room for the 3.5mm jack to be located on the base. Some rumors suggest apple will take smaller 8pin dock or a change to a 9-pin which will appear on the base of the phone.

iPhone 5 Specs

ARM, the mobile chip designer specialist which apple is a licensee; we would be seeing a quad core processor debut in the new iPhone which will be called A6. Quad core smart phones have been already released in 2012 so it would remain the same. Thanks to the lunch of new iPad which had A5X processor we can guess the CPU for the new iPhone 5. A tip of 9to5Mac points that CPU will be S5L890X, which might be the derivative of A5, Apple is working on a low power 32mm version of the processor. This may be manufactured by Samsung but designed by apple. Some photos of what believed to be the chip-set of new iPhone 5 shows A6 power unit which could allow NFC on board. But few things Apple still might go with the dual core power unit as apple previous strategy of not always going for specs. People still thinks dual core is still powerful enough for Apple to follow it. 1 GB ram is also suggested in the report, as few images of internal gubbins, claims to be of iPhone 5. Also to mention the battery power update suggests 10mAh which means no increase in power for processor, and screen size. But this could also mean Apple has design more power efficient processor. The antennas are updated too, resulting in better performance and more support for the 4G.

After new iPad launch which support 4G, we can anticipate that latest iPhone 5 will also have 4G support. Many hand set are to be launched having 4G technologies so Apple will not stay behind on 4G.

There are many reports over internet that Steve Jobs was all over the iPhone 5 project and it would be a “radical redesign” and as iPhone 4s was very similar to iPhone 4, iPhone 5 would be very special design.

The wall street journal has also reported that “”One person familiar said the fifth-generation iPhone would be a different form factor than those that are currently available… it was unclear how soon that version would be available to Verizon or other carriers.”

Some websites rumored that the next iPhone would have curve glass screen. Digitimes also rumored that Apple has purchased new glass cutting machines as manufactures aren’t willing to invest in these costly machines. In March it was rumored that it would be lunched with a large 4.6 inch retina display, and a new touch technology. But Apple CEO Tim Cook told on D10 Conference Company has “one phone with one screen and one resolution”.

There are speculations that iPhone 5 may include Near Field Communication (NFC) in iPhone 5. This would make it a credit/debit card substitute. This technology is already included in Google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus and other smart phones, so it’s time for Apple to join in too. It is reported that Google would port the software to other manufacturers. 9to5Mac claimed that iOS developers are working heavily on NFC technology.

Sony is currently making the camera for the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. Sony’s Howard Stringer talked about Sony developing best sensors for the Apple smart phones and iPad, “Our best sensor technology is built in one of the [tsunami] affected factories. Those go to Apple for their iPhone’s… or iPad’s. Isn’t that something? They buy our best sensors from us”. Insiders are rumored to say iPhone 5 could see a 8MP camera. Sony in January 2012, developed back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensors, its also said that iPhone 5 would have a HD front facing camera.

iPhone 5 Expected Price

If the evolution that we seen from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S is continued, we can anticipate the price to remain the same more or less but due to higher VAT rates in UK the new iPhone 5 would be around £500 in UK for 16 GB or 32GB or iPhone 5 comes with some pure next generation technology. In US iPhone 4S came at 200$ for 16, 300$ for 32, and 400$ for 64GB and we may see a 128GB for higher price.