iPhone 5 will be having 4-inch Display, New Dock Connector :Rumors

Apple thought to be finally upsizing the screen size of its smartphone.


iLounge, the same site that claimed to have handled an iPad 3 at CES, today writes that the next iPhone will have a larger display and will be 20 percent thinner than the iPhone 4S. Managing Editor Jeremy Horwitz writes that Apple is abandoning the long-rumored ‘teardrop-shaped iPhone 5‘ and will instead go with another glass design. More of it, the phone is also reported to sport a brand new dock connector.


This phone will apparently have a 4-inch display (compared to the 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4S), will be 10mm taller as a result, and will be 7.4mm thick (compared to 9.3mm). The dock connector is said to be a smaller, pill-shaped design with fewer pins, possibly 16, which should be delightful for those who like keeping additional chargers at work, or in different rooms of the house.


Apple usually announces new iPhones in June at WWDC, but the company last year switched things up and launched the iPhone 4S in September. It’s thought the company may do the same thing again this year.

iphone5, 4″ display




iphone5, 4" display