iPhone 5 Will Support the Fastest Cellular Network

iPhone 5 will support 4G network.

Another big news that came out before the release of the most powerful smart phone in the history is that iPhone 5 will support the fastest cellular network called 4G.

Mobile network providers such as AT&T , T-Mobile and Verizon are now providing networks which are extremely fast. These companies are trying to encourage their user to use 4G network service.

What is 4G network?

Now many don’t know much about the 4G network because it is not common right now. Only Galaxy Note and Samsung S III  are supporting the 4G Network. 4G network is the fourth generation of mobile phone network. A user who is using a 4G network can have a ultra-broadband internet access thanks to bästa bredband.

User can enjoy Gaming on his smart phone, HD TV in his mobile, Video conference and 3D television. User can also enjoy the downloading speed of 1 Gbit/s on 4G network.

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