iPhone 6 concepts Best we’ve seen so far

So far we have seen many iPhone 6 concepts from various designers who suggested what the new iPhone 6 must be like. People started saying that Apple is not coming up with enough innovation in their iPhone’s. Many are saying that Apple’s new iPhone is over priced, and they are not gonna buy the iPhone 6 if it has same old shape.

Apple is starting to lose its market share if it will not started working on these designed in their next iPhone. Its hard to believe that iPhone 6 will be like these concepts that are shown below. But this is what people want Apple.

The company should stop wasting its money on phones that are only sold because iPhone has became a status symbol in many countries (specially in Middle East and Asia). Which will not last forever. So, if the company want to follow the Steve Jobs vision they should start taking these concepts that people are loving seriously, otherwise sooner or later their competitors are gonna came up with devices that will capture the iPhone’s market share.


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