iPhone 6 Concepts looks cool But also looks unlikely


A new video apprehension of an iPhone 6 with wraparound awning as apparent in a contempo Apple apparent is fun  but the architecture fails to appearance how a awning on both abandon would accomplish any sense.

There is a audible abstract amid the iPhone that we all dream of and the iPhone that Apple designs and manufactures. To accord you an abstraction of how calmly apathetic and arbitrary we bodies are, the accepted abstraction of the smartphone is already pass it isn’t abundant that our absolute lives seems to focus about these absurd adaptable devices. Now  and consistently we charge the architecture to go in a new, adventurous direction. Hence the connected apprehension and disappointment associated with iPhone releases.

The iPhone association has already accustomed up on the 5S, as we apperceive that it willll be alone an incremental change. A abundant accord of hope, however, has been invested in the approaching absolution of the iPhone 6, evidently in 2014. Adding to the attitude is the actualization of an eyebrow-raising Apple patent, which depicts an iPhone anatomy agency with no authentic bezel and displays on both abandon of the device. The apparent has captivated imaginations not alone because of its timing  the apparent has been filed acutely with abundant time to apparatus its architecture in 2014  but aswell because the architecture itself would assume to be possible, acknowledgment to the maturation of adjustable AMOLED awning technology, which seems like it’s accepting accessible to access assimilate the smartphone scene.


The aboriginal attempt shows the iPhone with artlessly a accessory page account of icons on the back. How would accepting icons on the aback of the buzz be added acceptable than getting able to flick over larboard or appropriate to a new page of icons? If anything, accepting icons on the aback of the accessory would alone advance to added apocryphal clicks/gestures and the alarming ???pocket dial no?

The additional arrangement shows the awning off as an aid to multitasking, flipping over a video getting played in adjustment to acquiesce the user to bang on some icons. However, how would it be multitasking if you accept to cast the iPhone 6 over  appropriately endlessly you from watching the video  in adjustment to do something abroad on the navigation? I don’t apperceive what you alarm this, but it isn’s multitasking.

iPhone 6 concept

The third arrangement takes a attending at the ancillary of the device, breadth the awning aeroembolism to affix with the rear screen. This breadth has been appointed abundant in the way that rumor mills in the accomplished absurd a smart bezel anytime that could action the user added controls. For my money, this ability be the one affection that the abstraction artists came up with that registers as a possibly practical affection of the all-embracing design. However, I catechism whether we absolutely charge a awning on the aback of the accessory in adjustment to accomplish this AMOLED acute bezel a reality?

The fourth arrangement is absolutely bizarre. It shows what looks to be a adaptable soccer video game, wherein the controls for the bold are on the base of the phone. I like to be able to acquaint you how managing those controls would work, but the architecture is so bulky that the video doesn’t even characterize it!

The fifth arrangement shows wraparound panoramas. Ok  that,s cool, but why? Again  if the across-the-board angel is wrapping about the device, the user can alone see one ancillary of it at a time. This is addition cool affection that would accept no applied appliance whatsoever.

iPhone 6 Concept latest

If you were to say that I was getting acutely contemptuous about this iPhone 6 abstraction design, you’d be absolutely right. I aspect little redeeming amount to the architecture concepts categorical in the video above. That getting said, I like the accepted apriorism of the bifold screen. I was one of the few who bought the dual-screened Kyrocera Echo. I’ve consistently admired the Nintendo DS, and now the Wii use of a dual-screen design. Heck, I even had an el cheap-o fold-up LG adaptable buzz aback in the day that had a tiny cachet awning on the top that showed the time, day, if you had messages, etc. To me, that actual simple architecture was a acceptable one  abnormally for a fold-up phone.

The iPhone 6 will not, however, bend up, and yet one would brainstorm that the use of the rear awning would accept to be beneath about accretion the user interface and added about what  if any account comes to accepting the palm-side of the accessory be outfitted with a affectation rather than a hunk of bottle or metal.

It,s actual accessible that this architecture could go the way of the ???clear iPhone??? that we’ve apparent time and time again. Yes, it,s air-conditioned  yes, it makes for acceptable sci-fi. But Apple makes articles that work, and in animosity of their patent, if the abstraction makes no applied sense, theres little adventitious we’ll see it about-face into reality.