iPhone 6 Latest Rumours Roundup

The release of iPhone 6 is now just 3 weeks away and as the date of release comes nearer more rumours about iPhone 6 started to hit the tech blogs around the world.

The stocks of Apple in the share market has reached its highest value since the company has been registered, that happened before the release of iPhone 6.Because the investors see the company making big money from its new iPhone all because of these rumours that keep hitting the internet blogs everyday.


Here we summarize those rumours and came up with only those that can possibly be true.

1. There were some buzz around the internet on various big blogs that the iPhone 6 will have a higher screen resolution than its Retina display, which was perhaps the best feature in its previous models. The iPhone 5s has a 1704×960 screen resolution display but iPhone 6 resolutions will completely outclass the screen resolution of iPhone 5s.

2. There are some strong indications that the iPhone 6 will not have a uni-body. The famous design of iPhone which was first launched in iPhone 4. There are strong indications from the leaked images that iPhone 6 will have a bit curvy shape. Its screen will be around 4.7 inches and it will be around 7.7 inches when you measure it by its thickness.


3. The reversible USB option that we previously told our audience about is another big rumor that can be true according to various indications.

4. iOS 8 will be the operating system of iPhone 6 which is more powerful than any operating system around the world used right now. Various indications are backing our this statement. There are also news on the web that iOS will enable you to check your health via an app.


The app will tell you about your blood pressure and heart rate, you just had to put your finger on Camera flash/ home button after running the app for few seconds. This app is possibly introduced to tackle the s5 competition. The Samsung S5 has a similar type of app in its phone which was a big hit among its users., and also an app with 58 channels, get a free trial with email and get started, It also works on your TV.

5. The most important question that the people are asking is when can they buy their new iPhone6? There are strong rumors that the production orders has already been passed at the start of Aug. So, there is a big possibility that the phone will be available in the shelves from the Month of Sept. But there is no specific date announced. The Sept 9 release is on schedule.

6. Another big question that people had in their mind is what can be the cost of iPhone 6? Well guys you just had to wait for Sept 9, because there are lot of people quoting different prices about the iPhone 6. So,instead of making your mind by seeing rumored prices you just wait for the release because there is no authenticity about the prices of iPhone 6.