iPhone 6 Rumours: Apple changes iPhone 6 Charger

Its looks like that Apple iPhone 6 will have a changed charger then the previous Apple devices. Since the last decade Apple didn’t changed its iPhone charger, when ever they launched the iPhone.


But the leaked images coming from China suggest that this time Apple will reshape the design of its iPhone 6 charger. This possible move is made after a iPhone user expired when she answered the call while his iPhone plugged for Charging. The news created a big problem for apple and they ensured that their devices are safe to use.

The new looked charger will be not in the square shape (like the previous ones). It has indention’s on left and right side, that helps user to plug and pull the charger much easily and with safety.


People had come up with many theories of what should be the charger of iPhone must be like. What does you had in mind? Is this suits you when you plug it in the crowded socket on wall or you will stick to the previous one.