iPhone 6 wil be Launched on Sep 9.


September 9 is the date when the tech world will finally see how the Apple’s new iPhone will be like and what new features will it have.

In the last 24 hours various authentic news sources has confirmed that Apple’s new iPhone will be launched on Sept 9 and will be available in the market in Sept. So, people get ready to stand in long ques if you wanna get your hands on the iPhone 6.


Now the question is what can the world expect from the new iPhone. As we know it will come in two shapes, 4.7 and 5.5 screen with an A8 chip plus the new operating system called iOS 8.

Apple has also worked on the battery durability of its iPhone , recently samsung has targeted the iPhone users in its Galaxy s5 ad that they can move because if they move from the socket their Smartphone will shutdown.


Now Apple are planning to hit back at samsung with the new iPhone 6 and that’s why they are coming up with a much powerful battery then iPhone 5s.