iPhone 7 – What to expect from Apple’s upcoming gadget?

Tech world’s fingers are crossed as the countdown to Apple’s new iPhone has begun. There have been rumors surrounding the internet for past few months about the new updates and features of iPhone 7, which has already created buzz among Apple users.

Last week we finally got a clear picture on what realistically new features should be expected from upcoming iPhone. It’s all but confirmed that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be unveiled in the second week of September. Even though Apple Inc. hasn’t confirmed this news, but we are expecting an official announcement in upcoming week.

5 realistic features of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus 

We have put together Top 5 of the most exciting feature of Apple upcoming gadget models that will astonish every iPhone user.


First ever complete WaterProof iPhone

Yes, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be completely waterproof. Even though the previous iPhone 6 models are also waterproof but this one will be the first ever complete water proof iPhone. This means you can leave it in a bowl full of water beyond 20 minutes (something that wasn’t possible in iPhone 6 models). 

Apple will be introducing a system of color-balancing photos shot underwater according to Quartz, which is enough to back TECHJOST forecast about a complete waterproof feature in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. This will be one of the most astonishing camera feature of iPhone 7 models. This means picture quality underwater will be similar to the random camera shots.

Eliminating Headphone jack – Controversial decision

Some are calling it a bold call others have raised concerns, but it’s all but confirmed that new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will come without headphone jack. This shouldn’t be so surprising after all in past Apple Inc. has taken such controversial decisions, which the users eventually liked once the phones arrived in market. This move has worried those who are using headphones for audiophiles as loss of audio quality in wireless connections is not a surprise, but that is up for debate especially in today’s modern wireless technology.

iPhone 7 Plus comparison against iPhone 6 plus. Source: Unbox Therapy

The image was leaked last week, which has eventually confirmed the rumors about Apple’s decision to eliminate the Headphone jack in both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

 Home Button Removed – Good call 

There will be no Home Button in upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus something, which will be very much appreciated among iPhone users. Samsung, the biggest competitor of Apple Inc. has ditched the home button years ago something, which Apple users are waiting for a while now.

Apple ditches traditional Home Button feature

Finally Tim Cook has made the big call and new iPhone models will come with MacBook like Touch sensitive button feature. This feature uses haptic feedback to imitate the feel of physical touch. The removal of Home Button means an increase in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus screen size, while the body size remains the same as iPhone 6s Plus with light weight compared to previous model. Things, which influence any user to switch towards the new model.

 Bad News – NO Stereo speakers feature  

When rumors of headphone jack removal first emerged it was expected that Apple maybe planning to introduce the stereo speaker feature in upcoming iPhone 7 models. However, the stereo speaker rumors are thrashed past week by various authentic sources.

iPhone 7 leaked schematic. Source: Nowhereelse.fr

One of the biggest disappointment for Apple users looks like they had to wait a few more years for this feature. The stereo speaker rumor was fueled by some leaked images in past weeks, but it is now believed that the matching second speaker grill on the bottom edge of the iPhone 7 (added because of the removal of the headphone jack) is purely cosmetic and simply houses the microphone.

 Bigger Battery, unbreakable screen, color options and dual lens camera 

iPhone 7 will have a much more powerful battery compared to iPhone 6s. We already broke the news  about there will be no Home Button in iPhone 7 and 7 plus models, which means there’s some internal space available for hardware. 

We believe iPhone 7 will have a thicker battery compared to the iPhone 6s. The new battery will have the capacity of 3135 mAh, currently iPhone 6 Plus comes with a  2750 mAh battery.

Apple will introduce few more color options for their users Space Black and Blue. The source of the leak news has previously successfully predicted the color changes in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models. So, this pretty much looks the real deal- eagerly waiting for the new colored iPhone’s.

There are also some exciting new camera features expected from Apple’s new iPhone models. Dual Lens system is the top one – It enables your camera to perform better while taking pictures in low light. So, regardless of the bad light or dark environment your picture will come out clear and better than ever. The zooming feature in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be better than all previous models all because of Dual Lens system.

Remember the time when iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models were launched and everyone was talking about iPhone bending in their pockets. Well Apple has learned from their mistakes and iPhone 7 is expected to be unbreakable. There were rumors for a long time that Apple is working on making its screen unbreakable; finally time have come when we can have a view of what it’s like.


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