iPhone and iPad Problems

iPhone Problems:

Random freezes or shutdowns

Last fall, there were major reports of random freezes in iPhone. Often the shutdowns were reported from some users after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1. With the new OS, this iPhone problem is again reported from many users, though it is now occurring in lesser frequency than with iOS 3.1.

The main scenario is same, as reported by the users of iPhone. Whenever the iPhone is put in sleep mode, or the user locks the display, the very next time iPhone screen becomes non-responsive. Display usually remains blank no matter what the user tries to do. The only rescue seems to be when user holds down the sleep and home button at the same time until the screen provides some response.

iPhone and iPad problems

Issues linked to charging the iPhone

Many users reported that their iPhones became non-responsive when the battery charge is very low. The screen becomes static and does not respond to the user touch. Unless the user attaches the iPhone with charger, the phone battery eventually drops and iPhone shuts down. The best way to avoid this problem however is to charge the iPhone when the battery is still above 20% charged. iPhone gives a warning at 20% battery charge, and its better to take that warning seriously. It’s not a very serious issue, however it may still cause a discomfort of ten to fifteen minutes until iPhone screen becomes actively responsive to your touch.

 iPhone Clock Problems

Numerous problems with the clock of iPhone

have been reported. Apple continues to deal with certain problems when clocks were turned forward for Daylight Savings time in the US. Some users faced issues like clocks changing when they weren’t supposed to. Others reported that the alarms did not go off when set up correctly. There were reports from some people who said that initially the time changed just fine, but then later on the time switched back.

The main iPhone problem however is that no one seems to know the reason for this problem. A hunch is that there might be some glitch in the iPhone software that connects to the local provider’s time information. Most issues were reported to have corrected themselves when the iPhone is switched off, and then turned back on. Another option is that if you have noticed the time difference, you can manually set up the time correctly, so that you do not face any inconvenience for your personal schedules. Apple is sure to find out the ultimate solution, but till then, do recheck your clock twice before you miss something important.

Missing Categories content in App Store app

Many users (especially the ones that reside outside U.S.), complained that their iPhone App Store app is not functioning correctly. According to these users, the data is not populated in certain categories of this app. It has been noticed that these categories include Games, Entertainment, Utilities, and Social Networking where the content is no longer being displayed. The problem is just in some regions, and not all the users of iPhone faced these problems.


iPAD Problems:

 Screen issue:

Some customers of iPad 2 have reported that the screen of their iPad is not functioning correctly. Reports have been received that some users faced a discoloration problem of iPad’s screen, and quite a hint of yellow color has been observed on the screen. Good news is that if this discoloration is due to the untried bonding agent that secures the glass to the screen, then this discoloration will automatically correct itself in next few days. However if the problem remains for some days with your new iPad, make sure that you make good use of your warranty period and report as soon as possible when you have any iPad problem.

Another issue reported by only 2 to 3 users of iPad is that the iPad screen is showing a dark image or a light image at the sides of the screen. May be those users have accidently damaged their iPad screen by hitting it against some rough surface. Anyhow, much information is not available on this reported issue right now. But for the general users of iPad, we would recommend a proper iPad holder or case, so that misuse of this device can be avoided.

Synchronization with Outlook:

There has been issue with the iPad synchronization with Outlook. Outlook is a popular email service, with contacts and calendars in place for their users. There has been some major disruption in operations of iPad with the Outlook. Synchronization is used for making Outlook calendars and contacts same as iPad calendar and contacts. Although it usually works perfectly fine, sometimes the iPad has problems reported to respond in confusing manner. Resultantly, the synchronization with the PC is not as expected. To overcome this issue, the users should just re-sync their iTunes history. By doing this, they can easily synchronize with PC in no time at all.