iPhone prototype “lost” again

Last year Apple, inc. employee lost an iphone 4 prototype in some bar which created all the buzz in world of blogging and tech news, well guess what, looks like it all happened again. CNET reports that yet another Apple employee lost a prototype of iPhone 5 in California’s “Cava22” bar. Apple has declined to comment on this event.



 Apparently the device was lost late in July, Apple initially tired to recover its asset using their own resources and traced its iPhone5 prototype down to a house in San Francisco in Bernal Heights neighborhood. Apple employees and members of San Francisco’s police department arrived at the house and questioned a man about the device of which he said he knew nothing but do remember being in the bar on the day that the device went missing. He permitted the police to search his house but nothing was found. CNET also reports that the person was offered money to return the device and would not be questioned about how he got it, but he denied knowing anything about the device.