Is iPhone 5 the King of Smart Phones?

Black-iPhone 5

Time has finally came for Apple CO. to prove that they are still the giants of Smart Phone market. For Apple this is the time to prove to the world that they are still the top name in this market.

Galaxy S III has dominated the Smart Phone market since it was launched. And no one can argue that it is the¬† most powerful Smart Phone in the history till now. So the Question is can Apple’s new iPhone 5 can be more powerful and smash the record of Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S III was a big hit in the market and smashed all the records when it was launched by Samsung. Apple is also using great marketing strategy that will help them gain the interest of Smart Phone users. But if Apple fail to cope with the hype of iPhone 5 (which they created) then this may well be the end of the reign of Apple’s dominance in Smart Phone Industry.

Rumors are that iPhone 5 will work on fastest wireless network around the world  and have a bigger screen. While same latest rumors came out that it will also be waterproof.

iPhone 5 will help U.S. economy

While on the other hand American Economist also predicted that iPhone 5 release will boost the American economy and it’s GDP will grow by 0.5%. If this prediction comes true only then Apple had any chance of keeping their dominance in the market otherwise Samsung will run them over.