Key features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 won’t access until September 4th but acknowledgment to leaks, we now accept a acceptable bean on the accessory that Samsung will be announcement advanced of IFA 2013.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3For months, Galaxy Note 3 rumors accept waged on, alms consumers a glimpse at what to apprehend from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 if it arrives on shelves after this year. While annihilation is confirmed, and won’t be until Samsung’s barrage accident on September 4th in Berlin, Germany, Galaxy Note 3 rumors abide to add up and acrylic a account of the accessory that will be replacing the Galaxy Note 2.

We have heard a amount of rumors anesthetized forth about the Galaxy Note 3 admitting none accept been as all-encompassing as todays aperture from SamMobile which claims that it has the bead on Samsungs cast new Galaxy Note model.

Instead of just pieces, the address claims a amount of altered things about Samsungs accessible device. The publication, which has been authentic in the past, claims that the accessory will be boasting a amount of high-end appearance admitting there are 5 of them that standout as key appearance that will be on the Galaxy Note 3.

5.68-inch Full HD Super AMOLED Display


Rumors all forth accept appropriate that Samsungs Galaxy Note 3 will be about 5.7-inches in admeasurement and according to this rumor, it will technically analysis in at 5.68-inches in admeasurement and avowal a 1080p display, something abroad that has been rumored.While this doesn’t necessarily annihilate off rumors that appropriate LCD displays, adjustable displays, or displays with beyond or abate sizes, it does accomplish them beneath likely.

13MP Camera with Optical Image Stabilization


Galaxy Note 3 rumors converged on a 13MP camera actual aboriginal on and these rumors accede with the beforehand ones. What this agency is that the Galaxy Note 3 should accept a camera sensor that is on par with the Galaxy Note 3’s.Whats added admitting is that these rumors advance that the Galaxy Note 3 will absolutely accept optical angel stabilization that will ensure bland searching photos and video, after the blurriness.


Interestingly, the address claims that Samsung will advertise its accepted 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Galaxy Note variants but that it will be the 32GB Galaxy Note 3 that is the a lot of prominent.

In the past, we have apparent the 16GB Galaxy Note appear as the adopted alternative admitting that appears as admitting it ability change with the Galaxy Note 3. It could be that the complaints about the Galaxy S4’s accumulator space, which was eaten up from the alpha by Samsungs ample TouchWiz software, spurred this decision.

It is cryptic if this agency that carrier will accept both the 16GB and 32GB models, or artlessly the 32GB model. In the past, carriers did not action any options on the Galaxy Note so this is a acceptable assurance either way.



Rumors suggesting that Samsung ability accept a awfully altered architecture up its sleeve but these rumors advance that the Galaxy Note 3 will in actuality allotment a architecture with the Galaxy Note 2.In fact, its anticipation to accept the aforementioned ambit as the Galaxy Note 2 while aswell employing a beyond display

. The accessory was originally anticipation to be thinner than the Galaxy Note 2 which checks in at 9.3mm attenuate and weighs 180 grams.

This aswell acceptable agency that it will accumulate Samsungs iconic artificial architecture with a disposable back.



In addition, it appears that the accessory will action 4G LTE and appear with a 3,200 mAh array and 3GB of RAM as has been rumored. It aswell should access with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Of course, this all charcoal rumor until Samsung confirms it, its searching like this could be the architecture of the new Galaxy Note 3 phablet, Samsungs additional big smartphone of the year