Latest leaked iPhone 6 features, Specifications and Rumors


Rumors about the iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs and Appearance accept been hitting the web for absolutely some time now. From all the rumors, it appears that Apple’s iPhone 6 will be a complete redesign and avowal agglomeration of amazing features.

  • Scratchless Screen

The killer affection that Apple is planning to acquaint is a scratch-resistant touchscreen that will acquiesce users to author addendum with an accustomed pencil or pen, after the charge for a specialist stylus.

This technology isn’t new it is the aforementioned azure clear bottle acclimated in high-end watches, which makes such timepieces scratch-proof. Its backbone aswell makes it an ideal actual for use as cellophane armour in aggressive vehicles. To get an abstraction of its endurance, it will answer to agenda that azure clear is harder than any accustomed actual except diamond.

With Apples affection for extenuative its iPhones from crash-damage (as abundant above), it is alone analytic that it aswell bolsters the awning abundant to accomplish the buzz around unbreakable. Azure clear bottle doesn’t able if dropped, and can’t be aching with keys, or even by a accurate sidewalk¬† absolutely not by a fingernail, pencil or pen. In fact, Apple already uses it to assure the camera on its iPhone 5.

However, there are at atomic two hiccups that Apple will accept to affected afore the use of azure clear as the next iPhone’s awning can become a reality.

One is that azure clear bottle is added than the Gorilla Bottle that Apple currently uses in its iPhones and iPads, and the additional botheration is that it is about 10 times added big-ticket than Gorilla Glass.

  • Bigger Stroage space

Rumours about a 128GB iPhone 6 are accepting hotter, abnormally afterwards the barrage of the 128GB iPad 4. The iPad 3 had a best accommodation of 64GB (similar to the accommodation of the accepted abundance of iPhone), but that afflicted with the actualization of the iPhone 4.

Analysts apprehend Apple to chase the aforementioned accepted with the iPhone as well. It absolutely has the accessible accommodation its just a amount of replicating it for the next-gen iPhone. No acumen it shouldn’t.



  • Better Screen and Display

With its Retina display, Apple says that you can’t see alone pixels on the iPhone’s awning if acclimated at a accustomed distance. That finer agency that advancement the resolution on the aforementioned admeasurement awning makes no sense. The alone way to add added pixels, then, is to aftermath a hardly bigger buzz with a bigger screen.

It’s now anticipation that the iPhone 6 will accept a Sharp IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) screen. This new technology allows for screens that use beneath ability and are appreciably thinner. Rumours absolutely best up if the Sharp IGZO technology was approved at CES 2013.

Reports accept appeared that the iPhone 6 will accept a Super HD screen, but no data of awning resolution or admeasurement accept appeared. We’d accept that the Apple will stick with the new widescreen architecture it alien with the iPhone 5, though.

Sharp has aswell started accomplishment a super-sensitive touchscreen, which you can address on with a pencil and even accomplish with gloves on. Given Apple’s accord with Sharp, rumours accept affiliated the new technology to the iPhone 6.

It’s bright to see why. Apple brand to accept the best appearance in its flagship buzz and a awning you can draw on and accomplish with gloves on is a bright benefit.

The new awning technology has eight times the acuteness of absolute models, is blemish aggressive and is aswell thinner than absolute screens. In added words, it would be harder to see why Apple wouldn’t wish this technology.


  • iPhone 6 Processor specifications

Judging what Apple will do with the processor is harder, but we’d apprehend an adapted archetypal in the iPhone 6. Currently the iPhone 5 has a dual-core Apple A6 processor, but a quad-core Apple A7, application ARM Cortex A15-based cores, sounds believable to us.

There are already quad-core phones from Apple’s competitors and there’s now the Samsung octa-core Exynos 5 chip. However, it’s important to agenda that added cores doesn’t been bigger achievement and the iPhone 5 is still the smoothest and fastest smartphone that we’ve used, admitting accepting ‘only’ two cores.

With that in mind, Apple will alone use the accouterments that its buzz requires, rather than traveling absolute to get the a lot of amount of cores into a phone.

The latest advice suggests that the Apple A7 processor is now getting accomplished by the Taiwan Semiconductor Accomplishment company. It appears as though, the final architecture will go in March, again move to accident assembly in May-June.

With that affectionate of agenda assembly of the new dent would appear in 2014, acceptation that this processor will absolutely be for the iPhone 6, while the iPhone 5S is added acceptable to get some affectionate of tweaked A6 processor.

Recent rumours accept appropriate that the iPhone 6 action will be bogus by Intel, rather than Samsung.

With Intel’s amount bazaar of desktop and laptops contracting, the aggregation is searching to aggrandize its business by alms arrangement manufacturing. It makes a lot of sense, as Intel has the basic investment in all-around artifact plants, which agency it should be able to action aggressive prices. It aswell agency that Apple can move abroad from Samsung, abbreviation its assurance on its capital competitor.

This shouldn’t be apprehend as a move to Intel-based technology, though. Although Intel has a smartphone chip, it hasn’t been acclimated in a lot of phones, with manufacturers preferring ARM. ARM has the bifold allowances of low ability requirements, which are important on battery-powered devices, and the actuality that it licenses its technology, so manufacturers can calmly body their own custom chips.


  • Expected iPhone 6 prices

Apple about releases its new models at the aforementioned amount as the old ones, and we can’t see it introducing a added big-ticket buzz into this boxy market. If that holds out, then, and bold that the 16GB archetypal is dropped, we’d apprehend the 32GB archetypal to amount ??529, the 64GB archetypal ??599 and the 128GB archetypal ??699.