Leaked Pics shows iPhone 6 ready for Sale


Another good news for those who are waiting for the new iPhone 6. Pictures are leaked of iPhone 6 boxes today that shows phones are ready for sale in its stores.

The images are far better then previous iPhone 6 leaked pictures. These are much more clear and gives a better idea how the new iPhone will be like.


The Apple CEO has already confirmed the iPhone will be launched on Sept 9, and will be available in the stores (in U.S. Stores) from the same month. Some sources also said that the phone will be available in stored from SEPT 19.

These most recent leaked images demonstrate the telephone and its bundling, clearly as it will come when it is prepared for retail. The presence of both telephone and box are not far expelled from what we’ve seen with past iPhone however with the bigger 4.7″ / 5.5″ screen.