Most Wanted iPhone 5 Features

Apple Inc. has established a solid grip in the smartphone market with the design, structure and operating system of iPhone line of products. iPhone design, features and user experience is now a benchmark for other mobile and smartphone manufacturer companies as they strive to imitate these.


When iPhone 4 was launched, there were some features which people expected from it but they didn’t get them in it. So there are also some features which users are expecting from the very latest version iPhone 5 as well.

The latest version of Apple iPhone is expected and rumored to be released in October 2011. According to some other sources, the release date can be in November 2011. However, there is no official word from the Apple about the release date at all but many experts have analyzed features of iPhone 5.


There are far too many rumors spreading on the internet about the iPhone 5 specs

and features. We cannot guarantee all of them to be true. But then again, we cannot expect most of them to be untrue either. And no one can give 100% guarantee about their anticipations, because, as usual, Apple is staying completely silent about its plans until the actual launch.

The change of management however boosts the expectations. Since Steve Jobs recently resigned as the CEO of Apple, everyone is looking out for the new CEO, Tim Cook to make his mark on the iPhone 5 launch.


Below are some of the expected features of iPhone 5 (the name iPhone 5 is also an expected name, as it is most likely to be).

iPhone 5 Expected Features:

Screen Size:

Screen size really matter these days. When iPhone 4 was released it was the one which had the largest screen size (3.5-inch display with a contrast ratio of 800:1). Nowadays, the trend is a 4+” inch screen size. So, the iPhone 5 will be having at least a 4” inch display. Apple also promises the Retina Display (based on the assertion of replicating human retina) they had incorporated on iPhone 4.


It’s official that the iPhone 5 is going to have an 8MP camera which can shot upto 1080p videos. The Apple product image sensors are provided by the OmniVision and the latest reports says that OmniVision got a bulk order for the 8MP image sensors which proves the iPhone 5 is going to have 8MP camera.

Moreover, the iPhone 5 rumored to have an improved flash unit for its camera. According to industry sources, Apple has reduced orders for iPhone 4’s current LED flash. The iPhone 5 was expected to come with a dual LED flash with rumors that the flash unit will be separated from the camera sensor. It is also reported that its new panoramic imaging feature will allow instant panoramic shots with Apple’s stock photo app.


Apple announced the iOS 5 lately and it is not yet available for users. So we can expect that iOS5 should be available with other iPhone 5 specs and features. There are about 200 new added features in the new version of iOS.

Home Button:

It is expected that the home button hardware will not be there in iPhone 5. Instead it will be replaced by some touch sensitive button.


The New iPhone 5 will be going to have 1GB RAM than the current 512MB RAM. It is not yet known whether there would be removable storage or not.


The feature of Near Field Communication (NFC) is also expected in iPhone 5.


With most of the Android phones coming with dual-core processor, so iPhone 5 will have the latest 1GHz dual core Apple A5 processor as well. This is announced at the release of iPad 2, so it’s official. Though there is no report about the specs yet, most rumors suggest that iPhone 5 may carry iPad 2’s A5 1GHz processor.


iPhone 5 will have most powerful mobile graphics processing architecture. Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR Series6 mobile graphics processing architecture will be going to power up the graphics in iPhone 5.


White Models of iPhone 5 will be available at the time of release. It is anticipated that the new iPhone 5 will have a design with thin bezel and large display covering the whole front of the phone.

Battery Life:

Apple has the reputation of having a better battery life compared to other smartphones and the company has improved the battery life with different versions of iPhones. The probability of iPhone 5 coming with a better battery is high.

There are lot of other rumors like physical keyboard, external memory slot, Facetime or video chat over network, biometric security, improved home screen with scroll feature, 64GB memory, removable battery, 3D display, more carriers, 4G support and lot more. But, they are just rumors and don’t expect them on iPhone 5.

So these are the top most wanted features of iPhone 5. Lets see if Apple completes the expectations of its users in this version of iPhone.

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