New Exciting Samsung Galaxy S5 Features

Samsung’s latest flagship phone – the Galaxy S5 – officially arrived on Monday in a massive MWC production typical of the Korean phone maker.

s5 camera modes


samsung s5

Despite promises to the contrary, the smartphone doesn’t differ too much from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, at first glance. Of course, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to a smartphone. But when there’s so much build-up surrounding a new product, things are bound to get out of hand, and fan boys and girls will be disappointed. The same thing happens when a new iPhone comes out and it doesn’t have NFC, X-ray vision, or the ability to time travel.

s5 heart rate monitor


s5 fitness tracking feature

But while the GS5 is not a radical departure from Galaxies past, there are some new features that the Samsung faithful will no doubt enjoy. The camera gets a boost, and this Galaxy can be your own personal trainer, if you’re into that sort of thing.

s5-camera result

Samsung wasn’t solely focused on smartphones at MWC. It also debuted two new Gear smartwatches and a mini-smartwatch dubbed the Gear Fit. The company didn’t just ditch the Galaxy moniker with the near Gear lineup; it also dropped Android in favor of Citizen.

samsung s 5