News: iPhone 6 flexible display



A new job announcement at Apple shows that the aggregation is absorbed in developing adjustable displays, a technology which could see use on the rumoured iWatch or the approaching iPhone 6.

The job advertisement describes Apples admiration to recruit a affectation able who will lead the analysis on arising affectation technologies such as top optical ability LCD, AMOLED and adjustable display.

The position requires anyone who can analyze the trade-offs amid design, process, optical performance, and accomplishing feasibility.


This suggests that things are still actual abundant in the aboriginal stages of development. In contempo weeks, Apple registered a apparent for a new iPhone architecture which included a arced affectation which may utilise adjustable awning technology.

Since then, pictures which allegedly showed the accessory appeared online, but it seems acceptable these were renders based on the patents.


The abstraction of this adjustable affectation technology actualization on the iPhone 6 assumes that the next actual model, rumoured for barrage in the Summer, will be the iPhone 5S. A alternative of accepted rumours abutment this theory, claiming that the next iPhone will be an incremental amend with a focus on interface re-design, new software appearance and services, an bigger camera and a ambit of colour options.


Some sources accept claimed that the afterward model, the iPhone 6, will barrage in 2014 and will affection a next-generation A7 dent  if this is true, again that would accord Apple affluence of time amid now and again to advance its adjustable affectation tech and, indeed, a accomplished new unibody anatomy to abode it.

Samsung is aswell said to be alive on its own adjustable phones with OLED technology and even showcased some copy prototypes at CES 2013 in January.


Flexible affectation prototypes from assorted manufacturers accept been actualization at industry shows for the endure year or so now, but so far there has been annihilation accurate on the horizon.

The accepted accord from analysts about such accessories is that, far from the abstraction of accepting floppy, foldable or roll-up accessories the technology will acquiesce handsets of a accepted body (ie: a affectation on a solid chassis) but with anarchistic anatomy factors.


Potentially that agency added arced displays as able-bodied as possibly accessories with wrap-around displays.

The added key advantage is one of durability, as such screens are declared to be able to blot impacts far added finer than their solid counterparts. This would chargeless up the charge for sometimes abundant able bottle overlays.


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