Samsung Galaxy S8 Restart problems reported

  Samsung Galaxy S8 users reported random restart problems on Friday – News emerged that many new Samsung S8 models are restarting without any obvious reason. This isn’t the first Samsung S8 problems surfaced on Internet. Before, some users have reported a red tinted display which was later fixed by Samsung through a software update. The problem was reported
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Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging rumors

Apple’s iPhone 8 release date may have been delayed but new rumors are still surrounding the Internet. On Wednesday another possible iPhone 8 feature hinted by a leaked image indicating the wireless charging feature in iPhone 8 edition, if your looking to a cheap iphone 8 or iphone 8 plus, now is the best time at
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Amazon Echo - AI camera that makes you more stylish

  Amazon’s latest Echo camera has just revolutionized the idea of your clothing and will help you improve your dressing style. Amazon Echo connected with its digital assistant Alexa has the ability to take your pictures once you are dressed and analyze it with time. You can analyze your outfits you have been wearing over
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Twitter recorded New 9 million monthly active users

  It’s no secret that, Twitter has been facing tuff times in the past few years. Social Media platforms like Facebook have enjoyed more success in comparison to Twitter. However, it’s today reported in the board meetings of Twitter that, the company has  recorded the growth with its active directory tools. During the first quarter of the year the company
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The future of IoT - 2020 predictions

IoT (Internet of Things) is the world’s fastest growing industry with billions of dollars are invested in this sector every year. According to Garter; the estimated services spending on IoT’s in 2016 is estimated to be around $235 billion. which is much higher (22%) when compared to 2015 IoT services spendings.