iPhone 5 is expected to be launch in october 2012 according to rumours with bigger screen- 4 inches. Everyone is waiting and speculating for iphone 5 to show itself.                                          

Lifestyle, Travel, Shopping(Contd.)   Layar Free Layar works best when you think of it as a travel app. Layar gives you extra information from the digital world “layered” on top of something real in this world. Point it at a landmark, and the app will share interesting facts about the destination It works very well
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Lifestyle, Travel, Shopping   Unofficial Amazon Buzz Free Buzz shows you Amazon’s hottest bargains of the day and bookmark them to buy later.

News/Readers   BBC Free BBC is perhaps all-time favorite general news source. Its mobile app lets you watch video reports, listen to live radio, and read the latest updates on the fly.   StumbleUpon Free It’s the mobile version of the tremendously popular Web application of the same name. You can follow people and brands,
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Games Angry Birds Space Premium Free Angry Birds Space adds a new spin to your favorite game. Set against a backdrop of meteors, planets, and stars, this is the best spin-off from the original Angry Birds app. Angry Birds Space adds new bonus rounds, levels, and a gorgeous, smooth interface.