Phishing protection added in GMAIL on Android after Malicious attack

Google Inc. today added a new security feature in its GMAIL app for Android users reported on Google Blog. This feature will help them to avoid phishing scams its users encountered this week. This protection feature will alert Android users about any suspicious links in their emails. Although, this feature would not have stopped the phishing attacked users experienced recently. Because the attack features a malicious google docs app which is hosted on Google domain.

The latest security feature is highly appreciated by InfoSec personals. In today’s world most of the people check their emails on their mobile devices that’s why this step by Google Inc. is towards the right direction.  This weeks attack was dangerous because users received emails from their known contacts – Which states that they are sharing a document with the recipient.

Once the users opens the shared link a malicious page will open which was hosted on Google domain. It didn’t asked for the users credentials or password but, the page shows the google accounts of the recipient, if you want to keep your password safe, consider using a Password guru software. The recipient then asked to give the “Google Docs” app the account permission but it was not the actual Google Docs. Once the malicious phishing campaign access the account of recipient it will outspread the worm to all their contacts.

Google Inc. said in the blogpost that; the latest security feature is another tool for its Gmail users to decide before clicking on any suspicious links. Google also encourage the users to be extra careful before clicking on any links in the emails about which they are not sure about.

Google never ask their users about any of their personal credentials. So, all users should be cautious before sharing any of their details even with the people who are in their contact list. The new security protection feature against phishing campaigns will be coming out this week for Android users. If you want to get a better understanding of what data protection is all about, Here’s a great place to get started.

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