Pokémon GO dramatically increases External Batteries demand in U.S.

Pokémon GO is currently the talk of the town. From a young driver crashing his car into a police vehicle, while plating the game, luckily even he totaled his car he could get another from a used car dealership at https://www.westernmotorsfresno.com/. To the ban on playing this game while driving; there’s no second thought that Pokémon GO is the biggest smartphone game ever hit the market. The average time a user is currently spending on Pokémon Go is higher than the Twitter avaerge time per day, according to the reports from various reliable sources.

There are many memes coming all over internet every day and way the things are going it looks like the hype of this game isn’t going to go down any time soon. But, this game has made a significant impact on one industry particularly – external batteries industry. When a user spends hours playing Pokémon GO on his gadget his battery runs out, normally an iPhone battery supports 3 – 4 hours to this game. This increased the demand of Phone cases (with extra battery) and External batteries in United States. The online sales on AMAZON are breaking all records according to various AMAZON external battery and Mobile cases sellers. According to one seller the sale has increased by 300% since the launch of Pokémon GO.

According to Allen Fung; GM of RAVPower one of the biggest sellers of External batteries on AMAZON said in a interview to FORBES that: the company’s high capacity RAVPower 22000mAh was selling roughly 500 units per day prior to the game’s launch. That model is now selling 750-800 units per day–a 50% increase RAVPower has seen across their external battery line.

The overall search traffic of External batteries and Battery cases has increased 4 times compares to before. Another External battery maker Anker told our representative Josh in a Skype interview that; “This game (Pokémon GO) has dramatically increased our sales since the release. Our sales of 20100mAh and 10000mAh products increased by 300% compared to before.”

How long will this Pokémon GO hype keeps on? Well we don’t know, but this game has surely broken all records already and impacted a whole industry this alone tells us its uniqueness. This is the same hype that League of Legends got when it first came out, now there are plenty of League players who visit https://www.unrankedsmurfs.com/ to get smurf accounts to have fun in ranked games. There are serious doubts that Pokémon GO and other android games can persistent with its per day user time, but it is too early to come to a verdict.





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