Robert Taylor – Father of INTERNET dies age 85


Robert Taylor the first researcher who’s the pioneer of INTERNET passes away at 85 in his home last week according to The New York Times. He was born on 10th Feb 1932 in Dallas. It was in year 1966, when Robert W. Taylor who’s working in Pentagon’s advance research unit come-up with the idea to connect people on a same network. In year 1968 Robert Taylor invented Arpanet.

His actions truly revolutionized the planet. I for one, just have to have a working internet connection like the one people have at home when they get something like Spectrum Internet Plans. I’ve grown to depend on it, both professionally, and as a source of entertainment and information. I don’t really watch TV for example. Whenever I move I look ahead of time to confirm if there will be Eatel isp in my area and try to schedule it ahead of time. I haven’t tried much more than a handful of ISP’s, but that one has always proven to be reliable in my experience. How about you? Is the internet as important to you as it is to me?


He first established it to communicate between his fellow researchers on a single network in different projects inside Pentagon.

After he founded Arpanet he said in his research paper that; “In a few years, men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face.”

Time has proven that the prediction of Robert Taylor has proven absolutely right. If we remove his Arpanet invention from history – maybe we will not see a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs the people we consider are the genius of last century. Robert Taylor hasn’t received too much attention and praise when we compare him with Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. His inventions and research work has changed the world. It’s a fact that his contribution in the history of Modern technology is the far greater than anyone else (including Steve Jobs & Bill Gates).

source: The New York Times
source: The New York Times

Robert’s other major contribution in Modern technology is known as “Alto”. He was the one who’s behind the creation and design of Machine named Alto (A machine which is considered the groundbreaking of PC’s) in year 1970. His other notable work is the invention of “Ethernet” and “Bravo program”. Bravo program is the basis of the invention of Microsoft Word. check view more for searching major achievement in history of todays modern technology world.

Robert W. Taylor in 1999 after retirement. Source: The NewYork Times.
Robert W. Taylor in 1999 after retirement. Source: The New York Times.

In 1995, Robert Taylor and his team has founded the search engine named; “AltaVista Search Engine” before GOOGLE was even born. His other major contribution to the technology world is the idea of MOUSE. which is essential till the date on every MAC and Windows based PC’s. One year after his invention of AltaVista Search Engine, Robert Taylor retired and who knows if he keeps working how much more he have given to us.

Kids using Xeon Alto founded by the
Kids using Xeon Alto founded by Robert Taylor. It’s the pioneer of Personal computers. Copyright owner: © PARC

The contribution of Robert W. Taylor will never be forgotten by anyone. He was a one of a kind researcher; who like worked behind the scene and kept low profile throughout his life. His contribution and research has shaped the modern era of Technology all of us are witnessing today.

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