Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Removable Battery and MicroSD Gone.

Samsung has finally unveiled its upcoming Note 5 which the industry persons described as the best Note the company has ever launched. With it the company also announced the release of its new Galaxy S6 Edge+. Both these phones will be available in the markets from 21st August 2015.


Samsung has suffered huge loss in its second quarter of 2015 and the company is hoping make up for the lost sales with these latest Phablet (larger smartphones). The company recently has faced some stiffed competition from its rivals like Apple, who entered phablet market with its iPhone Plus, which has effected the Samsung share.

Most of the Galaxy users has been shocked by seeing the Note 5 design because it comes without Removable battery and MicroSD. The specifications of Note 5 has made phablet lovers excited. Even through it comes with the same old processing chip from Galaxy S6 “octacore Samsung Exynos processor” , but the 4GB Ram look promising.


Some users are disappointed with the storage capacity of Note 5, because it will only be available in 32 and 64 GB storage (No option of 128GB). The battery size will be 3,000mAh but its performance will be much better than the s6 (which also comes with 3,000mAh battery) . Both these phones will operate on the latest Android Version of 5.0.2. The camera result is very impressive both phablets can record video in the 4K ultra-high definition resolution.

Samsung makes the first move


Samsung released its both phones a month before the official launch of Apple’s next iPhone. Many see this as a big move by the company because previously Samsung always released its new version of Smartphone on Ifa tech show, which is still three weeks away.

Company also announced that the prices will be set by each carrier, but don’t expect them to be higher than the previous models of Galaxy Note.

Samsung acknowledged its schedule had been influenced by its rival’s diary.”Of course, we’re not alone in the market and we take the whole [sector] into consideration to find the best opportunity,” Jean-Daniel Ayme, vice president of Samsung Electronic’s European telecom operations told media.

“It’s fair to say that we’re in a market which has competition, and we welcome that – it’s a maturing market all around the world and we thrive in developing new opportunities, new devices that will grow the business.”

One tech industry analyst addressed the point more directly.

“Mid-August is an unusual time for a launch – it’s a quiet month when half of Europe is on holiday,” said Ian Fogg from IHS Technology.