Samsung Galaxy S6 battery and Glass back cover rumors

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy family will be following the Apple’s footsteps with the launch of its new Galaxy S6 in March. Reports came from Korea today that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be coming with Non-removeable battery and glass back panel. The source of this news is Korean Press.

There are all sort of rumors surrounding the twitter and internet every day that what sort of material the company is using in its Galaxy S6. The latest and the most shocking one came today when sources from Korea said that “an unnamed samsung official leaked the news that although both the new flagship and the Edge model will utilize a metal frame (a la the Alpha, Note 4, and Note Edge), the back panel will be made of glass (presumably of a Corning-sanctioned variety). Both devices are also said to come with a non-removable battery.”


Previously there are rumors that the device will be in metal. But as the launch of the Galaxy S6 nears we have to believe that these leaked info and rumors are more accurate that the one before.

Previously Motorola has followed the Apple footsteps with a non-removable battery smartphones. Historically this strategy is successful because it increases the life of the battery.

Users are more satisfied with a non-removable battery them the one they can remove. So, the first rumor is pretty much possible.

Samsung has all but confirmed that Galaxy S6 will be coming with the touch based finger print censor like the iPhone is providing their users. Now non-removable battery will only make the fight between these two giants more furious.

Everyone knows that Samsung is struggling in the market in terms of their revenue. Their all hopes are now on their new Galaxy S6 to boost up their declining revenue. Now the question is, Is Galaxy S6 coming finger touch touch sensor and non-removeable battery with glass back  can be the right strategy to go forward.

But this is not the first time company has copied ideas from Apple. Both giants are previously engaged in the court battles over patents when Apple sued Samsung for copying its patents.