Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumor Roundup

The rumors on Internet is Korean Smartphone Manufacturing giants Samsung will be releasing its new Gadget pretty soon. There are all kind of rumours hitting the internet every day about what new the company can give to its users in the new Galaxy S6. Samsung-Galaxy-S6-rumours

Galaxy S5 has not been a good hit for the company when its comes to increasing its revenue. S5 has disappointed the Korean Manufacturers with its sales. That became the core point for the company to came up with a new and improved smartphone in the market to improve its revenue. Right now S5 is the second best selling smartphone in the world right now, but it has failed to comeup with the samsung expectations.

So, the question new is what can the tech world expect from the Galaxy S6? We gathered the most realistic rumours surrounding the internet and put on one place.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release dates

The company hasn’t announced a confirmed date for the release of S6, but all the news are indicating that the phone will be release in the week of Mobile World Congress 2015. Last year company released its S5 in the same event. There are some other rumours that maybe the S6 will be released in a separate event held the Samsung. But there is one thing for sure, S6 will be released in first week of March. The Mobile World conference will start on March 2nd.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen


Samsung has provided the AMOLED Display in its last two smartphones. And the rumors are suggesting that the company will be using the same technology in its latest smartphone. The S6 will come in 5.5 inch screen size and with resolution of 2560 x 1440 and pixel density all sharp and crisp at 534 ppi. S6 have a Quad HD display which was missing in the previous galaxy model. The screen display with all these specifications will provide the user an ultimate viewing experience.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera


The Samsung Galaxy will have an upgraded camera from the S5. The S5 have the 16 MP camera but S6 will come with the 20 MP with 4992 ? 3744 pixels resolution. This is one of those rumours who are all but confirmed from various sources. Other camera features include 5 MP front cam, Dual video recording, HDR, dual video call and Dual video recording features. All these rumors seemed quite possible because  samsung is all about bigger and better when it comes to its cameras and display features.

Samsung Galaxy S6 OS


Galaxy S6 will come with the ANDROID 5.0 Lollipop which is the most powerful operating system of Android. With it S6 will be bringing 64-bit support with it we fully expect the Galaxy S6 will have a 64-bit processor.

As for which processor specifically that’s still rather up in the air, but traditionally it’s been equipped with a Snapdragon chip of some variety and both the Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810 are expected to start appearing in devices during the first half of 2015, so one of them seems likely.

The Snapdragon 808 is a six-core 64-bit processor with support for 2K screens, while the Snapdragon 810 is an octa-core 64-bit chip which can power screens of up to 4K resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Body


The Samsung galaxy S6 will have a figure print sensor (like an iPhone) which is PayPal certified. S6 will be dust and water resistant, body can resist water upto 30 min and 1 meter.

The leaked images of S6 showed that it will have a metal body. Although the images are not verified by any executive of Samsung but it gives enough suggestion that what the phone will be like. There are still no confirmed news or string indications of what would be the phone’s weight or its dimensions.

Galaxy S6 will be released in four colors Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue, Shimmery White.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Prices

With all these amazing features that are rumored to be coming with the Galaxy S6, the phone is not gonna be a user friendly priced. We are expecting the price of S6 from $850 TO $900 without contract. Its a price that maybe many users are surprised to see but with these features you cannot expect it to be lower than this.