Samsung Galaxy S8 features in Pictures


Samsung’s newest smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in now available in U.S stores. It has already broken all the pre-order records according to the South Korean giant. The walk in sales ratio is also expected to increase according to the Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S8 is available on affordable prices when you compare it with Apple’s iPhone.


Source: Twitter – The OLED glass with curved sides. This is the world’s best thing right now.

We have been closely analyzing all aspects of Galaxy s8 throughout the month. The final verdict was simple that the hardware features of Galaxy S8 are way ahead, when compared with any other smartphone available in the Market.

Source: Twitter - Galaxy S8 has a home button inside its OLED display.
Source: Twitter – Galaxy S8 has a home button inside its OLED display.

The design of Galaxy S8 has grabbed the attention of all the world. It’s has a OLED curved glass on both front and back side of the phone. Which, makes it an amazing experience when you hold the phone in your hands. The removal of home button has helped Samsung to increase the size of their display screen – Which is also highly appreciated among the Samsung users.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available in U.S and U.K stores and all pre-ordered smartphones have already delivered. Recently I’ve covered a story about how amazingly powerful SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 hardware features and it seems almost indestructible when tested. The one thing which will be a big headache for every smartphone user is the battery life. Even though galaxy S8 has a pretty powerful battery and it can provide good timing but, there are still some ways you can squeeze every last bit from it.

  • Disable Always ON Display (AOD)feature

The first tip for all new Samsung Galaxy s8 users is to disable the AOD feature from their smartphones. You can do it in just few simple steps and it will not even take a minute of your time. You just need to open Settings > Select Lock screen and security > and finally turn off Always On Display button. This option will dramatically increases the life of your Galaxy S8 battery and you will notice a significant rise in battery’s life. One thing that’ll change in your smartphone is it will remain OFF while it’s locked. You need to manually turn ON the screen by pressing the Home Button. It’s a vibrating sensor inside the screen just like iPhone 7 – It’ll give a home button feel whenever you press it.

  • Gaming tips – Adjust the screen resolution

The Galaxy S8 screen resolution is automatically set at Full High-Definition mode. If you will decrease the screen resolution then it will definitely improves the battery life of your Galaxy S8. After all we don’t need the Full high-definition screen when sending the messages or scrolling down on Facebook. You can easily change the screen resolution again to default; when watching YouTube videos, playing online casino games, can bet and make money at Poker Online game and enjoy every single pixel of your Galaxy s8 screen.

Trying to figure out how to boost your smartphone’s battery life for gaming can be a bit like opening one of those puzzle boxes. Which settings should you toggle off – or on? – and what else can you do to make sure that you squeeze every percent out of your smartphone’s charge? Because, after all, we’d bet that you’d sacrifice some of your phone’s barely used fancy features if we promised it’d last twice as long. Sadly, in this day an age, shiny and thin trumps long-lasting in the phone world, so if you like to play a mobile game or two on the way to and from work, the battery may not even last a day. And if you’re playing World of Warcraft, then check out Gold4Vanilla, they offer the best deals for WoW TBC gold.

However, we’ve got some tips on how to improve your smartphone’s battery life for gaming, to make sure you get a little more gaming time out of each charge.

Make sure Auto brightness is on or dim the screen

(Image credit: Google)

Make sure your phone is not set to a too-high brightness. If you find you constantly have to pull that slider down when at home, or indoors, make sure auto brightness is switched on in Settings. This uses an ambient light sensor on the front of the phone to judge how bright the screen needs to be.

Most of you probably use auto brightness already. Your other option is more painful: turn the brightness down pretty low, then back up when you want to play. If you have an Android phone, you can then put a brightness widget on your homescreen to give you backlight control without pulling down the control bar.

  • Set 15 seconds screen timeout

Select the 15 seconds screen timeout limit because it’s also very helpful in increasing the battery life. When you buy your new Galaxy s8 model its timing will be 15 seconds so, don’t have to do anything. You can counter check the option by opening Settings then > Select Display > Choose Screen timeout.

  • Put unwanted applications to Sleep

This is one of the most important options of all that will help in stretching your Galaxy S8 battery life. If you put your unnecessary apps like CNN News, Messenger, Tinder, Skype etc,.. on sleep – Then you won’t receive notifications from time-to-time. Samsung has now introduced a new feature which will allow you to put the app to sleep manually. You just have to choose that; which apps for you are insignificant. Once shortlisted it is very simple to put an app on Sleep and increase your Galaxy S8 battery life.

Once Apps are shortlisted keep holding the app icon for few seconds. A pop up of settings will show up on your screen which shows the Sleep option. Just select the sleep and press OK.

For further help you can view the video below – Which can help you in further understanding the steps I’ve already mentioned.

Source: Twitter - Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
Source: Twitter – Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 is designed in such a way that it cannot be damaged if it was dropped from 5ft. The front display of Galaxy S8 is solid and has been tested by many people since its launch.

Source: Twitter – Galaxy S8 is the smoothest smartphone ever.

Galaxy S8 models are coming with 64 GB internal memory but, you can always insert the microSD cards to increase the phone memory.

Source: cnet – SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 has the Headphone jack option.

The price of Samsung Galaxy S8 is around $850 while, the Galaxy S8 Plus model will cost you $1,099. Both Galaxy S8 models come with 64 GB internal memory.

Source: cnet – Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus models in U.S stores. The display looks amazing!

This is the first time after a while, Samsung has come up with a smartphone we aren’t complaining about. The Galaxy S7 models were huge disasters but, Galaxy S8 shows that Korean giants has improved dramatically in just one year.

Source: pcmagazine - It's hard to choose which one is better.
Source: pcmagazine – It’s hard to choose which one is better.


Source: BGR - The OLED display of Galaxy S8 has killed its competitors.
Source: BGR – The OLED display of Galaxy S8 has killed its competitors.


Source: YouTube - It has been tested ever since its launch.
Source: YouTube – It has been tested ever since its launch.


Source: thetechterminus - Galaxy S8 comes with the wireless new charging capabilities.
Source: thetechterminus

Galaxy S8 comes with the various innovative features. One interesting feature is the add-on peripheral called DEX.

Samsung Galaxy S8 features in Pictures


Source: thetechterminus – Galaxy S8 connected with PC via DEX


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